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Beaches in Paros

Beaches in Paros are amazing! Famous all over the world for their clean waters, golden sand, and water sports facilities, they attract thousands of travelers every year. The main thing that makes Paros beaches stand out though is their perfect wind conditions, which are ideal for windsurfing. Every summer, windsurfers from all over the world flock to Paros to catch the best waves and meet other water sports enthusiasts!

Let’s see some of the most popular beaches in Paros:



The unique atmosphere of Kolymbithres beach will leave you in awe! Ιnsulated by huge blocks of granite shaped by the wind and the water, it boasts an otherworldly landscape! Kolimbithres beach consists of consecutive small sandy coves with emerald waters, which means it is very likely to find your own private cove for the day. What’s more, it is an organized beach: it has sun loungers, umbrellas, beach bars, and taverns. You can reach this beach by private means of transportation, by boat, or by bus.


Pounda beach

Pounda is arguably the most famous beach in Paros in terms of entertainment! It is particularly popular with youngsters, who flock to Pounda to have the time of their lives at beach parties with loud music. Pounda is fully organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, swimming pools, water-sports facilities, and many more. You can easily reach Pounda beach by private means of transportation or by bus.
Golden beach

If you’re interested in water sports, you’re bound to love Golden beach! That’s because it is the most popular beach for windsurfing in Paros, thanks to its ideal wind conditions! This beach is 700 meters long, covered with golden sand (obviously), and it is fully organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and many water-sports facilities. You can easily reach the Golden beach by private means of transportation and by bus from Parikia port.


Santa Maria beach

Santa Maria beach, which lies near Naoussa, consists of two sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. If you love snorkeling or you’re eager to try it, Santa Maria is the perfect beach to do so, as it has a diving school. Water sports enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either, as there is also a windsurfing center on the beach. Santa Maria is organized with umbrellas, sun loungers, and watersports facilities. Behind the beach, there’s also a camping spot, which tends to get crowded in July and August. You can reach Santa Maria beach by private means of transportation, by bus, or by boat.

Other popular beaches in Paros are New Golden beach, Parasporos, Monastiri, Ambelas, and Livadia.


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